Soda Syrups

Soda Syrups

All of our soda syrups are made primarily with fruit which is why, when you hold the bottles up to the light, you will see the residual fruit suspended in the syrup, even after our triple-strain process. And they all have their natural colors intact. No dyes for these buxom babies. They're au naturel, the fruits steeped with citrus rinds, citrus juice, cane sugar and filtered water. All of our soda syrups can be mixed into soda water for a refreshing, fizzy beverage.


Sweet and simple, this syrup is ruddy-cheeked and clean. A blend of apples both tart and sweet, this syrup holds a hint of citrus. Delicious atop an a la mode slice of pie or rounding out sausages with cabbage, this is a versatile syrup whose uncomplicated flavors make it a perfect go-to condiment or easy soda when you want your tots to have something whose ingredients you can pronounce.

Bing Cherry

Summer strikes again in this richly colored soda syrup flavored with grapefruit rind, Meyer lemon and, of course, Bing Cherries. Add a splash to your Shirley Temples for a twist on the classic. Sprinkle over salads with balsamic and EVOO.


Thickets of summer berries are represented in this deep purple soda syrup that is a crowd pleaser for all ages with merely ice and soda water. Like many of our other soda syrups, this one has myriad uses, but our taste-testers agreed, this was one of their faves simply as a soda.


Dr. Pang (local dentist and Kung-Fu aficionado) and Craig M. (local business owner with magnifique style sense) offered their fruit from their citrus trees, so we took them up on their bounty. The tart and juicy (unsprayed) grapefruits helped us to pin down the flavor we wanted to capture in our grapefruit soda syrup. Think Italian limonata over ice. Refreshing in soda water or mixed drinks.

Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower)

Made from dried hibiscus flowers from Mexico, this soda syrup is a kissing cousin to the agua fresca found in nearly every Mexican restaurant in town. Tart with a surprisingly fruity body, this syrup would be one heckuva addition when you're slippin' away again to Margaritaville.

Musk Melon

Adirondack chair under sheltering magnolia tree, sunhat and bare feet, expanse of lawn and creek burbling in the distance, sear-sucker sundress and tanned shoulders. This soda syrup surprises with how immediately it refreshes the tastebuds. So light and yet the melon bursts through. An unexpected soda sensation or addition to your afternoon libations.


This beautiful soda syrup's versatility to accompany desserts is a boon to your flambes, soufflés, trifles, tarts, cakes, puddings, pies, cremes, custards, biscuits and even Aunt Madge's green whipped topping, marshmallow & gelatin dessert. Dot it atop a bowl of winter squash soup & crème fraîche to add a little rubyesque bling to your starter course. Or simply enjoy it in soda water for a lovely crimson beverage.


Strawberries are one of Valley Girls' favorites fruits so is it any wonder we made a soda syrup from these delicious summer berries? This syrup is a shoe-in for grenadine without the FD&C Red #40 or FD&C Blue #1 nor the artificial flavorings. With undertones of lemon, this soda syrup is a great topper not only for desserts, but for shave-ice too. 

Thompson Seedless Grape

A blend of green and red seedless grapes, this syrup is a nice base note in marinades profiling rosemary or in mixed drinks with gin. However, if you're looking to keep it simple, add a splash to your soda water for a thirst-quenching treat.